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User Guide

User Guide

Through experience and repetitive trial and error, we at have developed a number of care instructions to ensure your maximum satisfaction with your closure.  Please note that the following information is provided as a guide and is therefore optional.


Customizing your closure:

  • Use a matching foundation or concealer at the base of the closure, making the base color of your closure identical to your skin colour.
  • Bleach the knots at the base of your closure., making them invisible. Promoting a natural looking scalp. 
  • Hair on the closure can be bleached, dyed, steam-treated... etc to achieve a desired texture or colour.

Installing your closure:

  1. Use a horizontal braid pattern (see picture); as opposed to vertical braid pattern, enabling the closure to be installed as flat and as taut as possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  2. Attach your weft hair/ U-Part as desired. It is important to ensure that the closure is installed before reaching the area of the head where the closure will be applied; so that enough space is for the closure provided.
  3. Attach the closure by simultaneously sewing down both sides (as shown in diagram), using two sets of thread and needle. Alternate between sides after each stitch.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  4. Glue/ Tape application can be avoided if the closure is applied accurately. We recommend Ghost bond adhesive if a snug and secure application is preferred Use a sterilizer/ pure alcohol to clean the area before any adhesive is applied. Ghost bond adhesive can be purchased from our website. (
  5. Hair can be kept moisturized, sleek and shiny by using a tiny amount of your desired oil. We recommend Moroccan/ Argon oil.

Removing  your closure:

  1. Use ultra-safe remover to remove the adhesive bond. This can be purchased from our website. ( Proceed to remove any stitches with your preferred method.
  2. Use Ghost- Buster remover to rid the base of closure of any dirt, debris and remaining adhesive. This can be purchased from our website. (
  3. The hair on the closure can then be gently washed using your preferred shampoo.
  4. Leave the closure to air dry. Once dry, it is ready to be installed again.


Further Information and video tutorials are available via our website ( and YouTube Channel (


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